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Herbal Pharmacy

Herbs are an integral part of Chinese Medicine Treatment. We use herbs to correct internal deficiencies and eliminate harmful substances that accumulate pathologically.  Just like acupuncture, herbal therapy helps the body restore its own balance and adjust smoothly to environmental changes/stresses.  

As a general rule, herbal therapy should not interact with any of your pharmaceutical medications.  We use minimal doses that are safe and effective.  Our physicians design your formula with your Western diagnosis, Western treatment and TCM diagnosis is mind.  Customized herbal formulas are based on ancient combinations that have proven effective for over 3000 years.    They may be dispensed as granules, pills, tinctures, topical creams, pastes, and plasters.

During your initial consultation, your physician will customize a formula to match your specific signs and symptoms. This tailoring method increases the clinical effectiveness of your herbal formula. You can expect fast results with no adverse effects. Your formula will typically last 5-7 days. You should plan to see your physician for a follow-up appointment within ten days of your first formula to discuss your progress and make any necessary adjustments. 

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