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Physicians / Natural Medicine Healers

Fu, Di, AP 

Zarik Vardanyan, AP

Julie Dunne, FNP

About Primary Care Holistic Center

Since 1996, Primary Care Holistic Center has provided quality healthcare with focus on the total patient - mind, body and spirit.  Our medical team works to prevent illness and maintain well-being in every patient. We understand the challenges that illness creates and meet our patients with a positive, peaceful and team-oriented approach.

What should I expect during an acupuncture appointment?

When you arrive at our clinic, our front desk staff will greet you and present health information forms. You will spend 10-15 minutes filling out these forms. To save time, you can download and print these forms from the top of this page. You can fill them out before you arrive. 

Your visit will proceed as follows: Your practitioner will begin collecting information about your chief complaint and will review your medical history and other body functions. We encourage you to ask questions about your condition and discuss any other treatments you have tried in the past or are currently using. Your practitioner will assess your tongue and pulse to continue the diagnostic process.  With your Traditional Chinese Medical diagnosis in mind, your practitioner will begin your treatment. (S)he uses sterile disposable needles to strategically target specific points throughout the body. Patients often report a tingling, warming or radiating sensation. Once your needles are in place, you will relax for 20-30 minutes. Many people fall asleep during their treatment. 

Your practitioner may incorporate other adjunct techniques during your acupuncture therapy. These include  cupping, heat lamp, Tui Na and other  techniques. A clinical assistant will remove your needles after your acupuncture session and provide a brief massage. As you are resting, your practitioner will compose a custom herbal formula to meet your specific needs. You may fill your customized formula directly at our onsite pharmacy and proceed to checkout.

Many patients experience immediate relief from their symptoms after acupuncture therapy. We will outline a  treatment  plan which will provide you with a clear idea of how many acupuncture  sessions you will need and how often.

At Primary Care Holistic Center, we are devoted to the study of Traditional Chinese Medical arts and have a long list of therapeutic resources. 

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