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Cosmetic Acupuncture

Zarik's cosmetic acupuncture is a holistic alternative or complement to plastic surgery, injections, and laser/chemical peels. 

This series of facial acupuncture treatments increases blood circulation to the face. Increased circulation promotes collagen production for increased muscle tone and elasticity.  

Zarik's Cosmetic Acupuncture is a specialized system that not only improves the appearance of skin, but also your overall health, helping you feel beautiful from the inside out. 

While she treats your face, she will balance your overall body and you will experience a deep feeling of relaxation and wellness.

Maximum benefits usually require a series of 8-10 treatments.

Success of Cosmetic Acupuncture & Facial Rejuvenation

How successful is cosmetic acupuncture? A study published in the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture showed that out of 300 people who received facial acupuncture, 90% saw marked results after one course of treatment.

Your lifestyle, exercise habits, nutrition, and stress level influence how long your results will last. Cosmetic acupuncture is a sound alternative to other facial rejuvenation procedures.  Zarik's cosmetic acupuncture can restore your radiant glow both inside and out and is completely affordable.

Reported Benefits 

  • Improvement in the fine lines of the face 

  • Diminishing effect on deeper wrinkles.

  • Moisturized, softer skin

  • More even skin tone

  • Improved muscle tone and firmer jaw line

  • Reduction in jowls

  • Reduction in puffiness

  • Reduction or elimination of rosacea and acne

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